The Cove originally started as an outreach ministry of a local church in 2006, opening once a month. By 2011 it was determined to open once a week to meet the growing need of the community during the economic downturn. During the next 3 years there was such an increase in the number of clients and donations that we outgrew our location. We were now opening twice a week. In 2014 the Lord provided a building for us! Our current location was generously donated by a local family. Due to the generosity of the community donations we are utilizing our entire 30,000 square feet! We became a 501c3, non-profit organization when we received the building.

The Cove is entirely run by volunteers. The director, board and staff, all freely give of their time to make this community asset available to those in need. Well over 7,000 hours a year are clocked out of love!

Little girl at Shepherd's Cove

Monthly help

We help on average 400 families a month. Giving away around $650,000 of merchandise, at yard sale prices, per year. We have been adding around 1000 new families a year to our clientele base. Clients may use our services once a month with no limitations on what they take except on furniture. Everything is free to our clients. Anyone, from any area is welcome to use our services! A picture ID is required to use our services. In order to get a piece of furniture the client must have proof of their ss# and an ID with the same name. There is a limit of one piece of furniture per year, per household. We do not get enough donations of furniture to allow more than that.

We also have a personal care program, where the clients may choose two items to take with them. We have a variety of items such as toilet paper, shampoo, diapers, laundry detergent, dish soap, toothbrushes, etc. We are always looking for donations of these types of items.

Our biggest need aside from financial partners is children’s clothing. This is the area that we help the community with the most. There is never enough children’s clothing to have any extra in store. Under clothes, socks and pajamas for both children and adults are always appreciated too!

Happening at the Cove

Our monthly bills run us about $3000 a month. This includes, utilities, insurances, trash service, office expenses and building maintenance. Twice a year we are now doing a “Name Your Price” sale in order to raise money for expenses. In the spring, April, and in the fall, October, we invite the rest of the community to come over and go shopping and name their own price! We will accept any price you want to pay for items. The only exception is on furniture. We will only accept fair offers on furniture and larger items.

Love your neighbor!

We are always looking for volunteers and financial partners. All of us working together can help relieve stress for those in need. Our main goal at the Cove is to love your neighbor! Come take a tour. Thursdays are a good drop in day, we are there from 9-1, or call and set up an appointment to take a tour. We CAN make a difference in the world!


Shepherd’s Cove
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Shepherd’s Cove
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